Edit a node

Note: this article uses screenshots from Ajde v0.3.

There are several ways to navigate to a specific node in Ajde. Let's look at them all.

  1. Click on Node overview in the Content menu, or if on the dashboard, click the blue Node overview button.

  2. You'll now see a list of available nodes. Locate the node you're looking for, optionally searching or sorting the list, or by navigating to other pages of this list. Once the node you want to edit has been located, double click anywhere on the table row, or click the pencil button.

  3. Another method is by typing a part of the name or content of the node in the Search nodes... box in the top right corner of the menu, and clicking on the correct node in the dropdown menu. The last method is by clicking on the node title in the quick-navigation menu on the left side.

  4. When in the edit screen, make your changes which will be saved automatically. 
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